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Easter week

Published April 2, 2012 by betsycadepape

The sun should shine all week long.after church yesterday I have hugs and prayers for all who feel like they need anything.
Jenny, I’m sorry you lost a baby.it breaks my heart.
Mike, keep fighting the cancer.there is always hope.
To the family of the teenage suicide.my heart breaks.I send you peace.



Morning Bus Ride

Published March 15, 2012 by betsycadepape

The bus to work was full of the same suspects today. I met Carrie and Carol at our stop, and we discussed our underwear drawers and how we keep them neat.  I, myself sorted my own panties this morning, and I’m so thankful that I ride a bus with people I can share that with.  I am a little bit of a Victoria’s Secret addict, so the underwear chatter isn’t out of the ordinary.

My ride continued with Pam and Laurie (the other two of our Charlie’s Angels trio). Pam brought the Body Central catalog, and Laurie and I found a scarf we both want.  Yippee! Twins! I’m going to order one for her and one for me: )  Dorothea, our favorite recovering adult got on, and yes, she is part of my friend Alex Gee’s church.  What a small town.  The church blessed her with new furniture for her new home because the last shelter she was in had a fire.  Love my bus ladies! Enjoy the sunshine everyone : )


An example of the undies in my drawer that needed neatening.



The scarf that Laurie and I like.  I think it should be ours, soon.

Peace to all,



Published March 14, 2012 by betsycadepape

I take the bus everyday and its worth sharing the crazy world. The homeless shelter is on my route and I usually have the men going there riding along.Today they are missing.Maybe the weather is too nice and they have places to go.
Today I have a young mommy with a three year old and her peeps are using adult language with him.Can I take him home with me? I guess he’s not a stray cat.